Catch up

I'm often told with our crazy life we should write a book.  This always makes me think back to, "oh yah we have a blog."

For the 2015-2016 school year:

Aiden's now 9: loving soccer, A/B honor roll, very kind hearted and caring to his friends.  He received the caring award on the last day of school.

When he's older, I imagine Aiden as a pro bono lawyer who helps everyone, but makes no money at it.  For the past couple of years he's said he wants to be a Zoologist when he grows up.

Ana's now 6: loves horse back riding, starting cheer in the fall, loves her friends with all her heart and was the "Outstanding Female student" in her class for the year.  She's super smart and gets a little bored with school, but hopefully we can keep her mind going.

When she's older, I imagine Ana as a super smart doctor who has no bedside manner.  haha, I know that's horrible, I'm sorry Ana... but, come on, she says it like it is.  She'll say, "well, you'll probably have a heart attach within the next year because of.." and then the nurse will have to come in and put the patient back together.  Currently, she says she wants to be a teacher when she gets older.

Abram's now 3: loves pre-school, his friend Callen, Power Rangers, and Legos.

When he's older, I imagine Abram as the type of guy who his mom calls someone each day to make sure he survived the most recent stunt, snow boarding adventure, sky diving, etc.  The kiddo loves to climb rock walls, the outside of the stairs, the coach, anything.  He loves pushing the limits and our fear for his safety.

I've been thinking about this blog a lot lately.  I feel that I managed to keep up with events in Aiden and Ana's lives and regret stopping for Abram.  I'm hoping to add some items so that Abram isn't mad later.

More to come on our summer and the always fun life at the Rosales house.  TTYL!


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