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Freddie day?!?!?!

Santa Videos

Freddie day 12

Aiden's Christmas Party

Freddie day 10

Freddie day 9

Freddie day 8

Freddie day 7

Freddie day 6

Freddie day 5

Day 4

Freddie day 3

Fredericka night 2

Ana's Santa visit

Our elf

Ana and her baby

VA trip pics.

Aiden at cooking class

Young Chef

Aiden at Cooking Class

Aiden and Ana having fun with Photo Booth

More pics

Aiden's Veterans Day

New pictures

Sickly Aiden

More prayers

Aiden's artwork

Ana's artwork

Fire safety

Meet Goose

Pre K

monkey with smelly finger

The difference between boys an girls

TV chairs

Ana's 1st sentence

He has my fashion sense!

My first trophy!

Ana's new pose

Ana's 18 month appointment

Mommy's 1st attempt at pigtails

Waiting for daddy

Little Miss Attitude


And it begins

Conversations with Aiden

Hidden snacks

I'm tired of this seat


Happy New Year


Aiden and his buddies watching a movie