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Passed out

Chocolate coffee break

Metro pro

Aiden in the snow

Aiden and his new pet Cruncher

Sweet baby girl

Somewhere in TN

Crazy hair


Road trip to Virginia

Merry Christmas

Cookie time

Ana's words

Aiden's boo boo

Someone found mommy's chocolate stash

Conversations with Aiden about underwear

Ana's 1st instrument

Kids are so smart

Thank goodness for sturdy toys

Aiden and Rose

Stories from the past 2 days

Footie PJs

Stephen's Family Photo Shoot :)

PEP birthday celebration


Who's kid is this?

Crazy hair (Ana) loves to play with Romo

Little drummer boy

Cute boys

Ana does viejohitos

Goofy pics

Red fish blue fish

Ana makes a clicking noise

Ana's 1 year appointment

Rosie and Aiden's weekend together

Now dancing!

Ana's walking really well

Using my legs

Aiden reading to Ana

What's going on around our house

Guess What!!!!

Ana is eating dinner!

I won

Ready for bed

More bear crawling

Ana's bear crawl

The craziness in our house

Ana's first steps

Things that kids say...

Aiden and Dada sleeping

Ana enjoying a straw after her bubba's soccer game!

Aiden's team

Aiden first soccer game

Ana's beautiful singing!

Ana's new "trick"

Someone is all smiles this morning!

Meeting Lindsay

Operation Free Romo

Aiden at Soccer Camp!!

Cookie monster aiden

Aiden and his little buddy.

Aiden enjoying a ride at seaside boardwalk

After a day of shopping....I win!

Ana enjoyed a breakfast of banana and puffs.

Vacation Day 2

Vacation Day 1

Ana sleeping

Fun at airport

Little update

4th of July shirts

Sounds in my car

Someone stole big brother's hamburger


Aiden and his new horse that will accompany him on the flight to jersey!

Aiden's gift from San Fran's china town!

Aiden trying on his tux for Nina's wedding

Ana looks mischievous

Bounce, bounce, bounce

Tue, 08 Jun

Ana in her big girl car seat


Happy little face