Aiden's Spring Break

Aiden has had a great Spring Break.

Monday he stayed home with Daddy and who knows what kind of trouble they got into. (They took Nana to the doctor, but that's all the inside information that I got)

Tuesday he went with Nana to the doctor again with his uncle and cousins and then he went to PICHO'S House. When we was Ana's age he was babysat by our Sister-in-law Rosa. So we call Javier, Rosa, Sabrina, Cynthia and Panchito his "Other Family". He LOVES going to Picho's house and once he gets it in his head that he wants to go, that's all he talks about. Seriously, the last 2 days of our Angle Fire trip and the entire way home he said, "I go Picho's house." So, Tuesday he went to Picho's house and had a blast there. I picked him up and he was out by the time we got home (and it's only a 5 minute drive)

Wednesday - Pawpaw picked him up in the morning. They went to Cabellas and McDonald's and played and played and played. He spent the night there and was out when I called to talk to him.

Thursday - PawPaw took him to Papa and Grandma Lala's house. He, Papa and Aunt Juli had a great time playing and having a great time. Nini and Patpat picked him up Thursday night.

Today - He's spending the day with Nini and Patpat. I've heard they are going to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch and then who knows what other fun things they will do! He was so excited about going to Chuck E. Cheese, here's the proof...

HAHAHA, really he LOVES Chuck E. Cheese! I think they've just worn him out already. :)

So, that's Aiden's Spring Break so far. More pictures and blogs to come!


NJ Grandma said…
And how was Ana's spring break?!?!?!

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