Different things.

Just wanted to share a few things.

A couple of days ago I forgot Aiden's lunch at the house. So, while
driving him to school we stopped by the W to buy some things for his
lunch. Currently, Aiden is obessed with fruit snacks (fruit roll ups,
welch's gummy snack, gerber gummy chews, any of those). So while at
the W we bought a lunch in a box, apple slices and cookies, and then
he headed down the fruit snack aisle. Yes, the kiddo knows which
aisle the fruit snacks are on. So I headed down with him. He wanted
2 different kinds. I told him he needed to choose between them. He
said, " it's ok mommy, I'll help you carry them.". How could I argue
with that. So we got both and he carried both of them to the check
out. To smart for me I guess. When he does things or says things
like that I give in :) because he's just too funny.

Ana is 8 months old today!! She's been saying Dada for a couple of
months now. Also she is also saying Ada and Bubba for Aiden for the
past couple of months. For a couple of weeks now she's started saying
Mama and Nana!! Yay!! So exciting!

I know Robert has posted video of her comando crawling. Now that she
knows she can move she's everywhere! Usually if you set her down and
walk away she's off to the playroom, where she bangs on her piano and
plays with Bubba's toys (which he loves). She also loves crawling
under the kitchen table (I guess she's looking for extra crumbs).
She's now hard to keep up with. It was so great to lay her down and
be able to walk to the bathroom or kitchen and come back and know that
she would still be there, but those days are definitely over!

Sorry, we haven't been as good at blogging lately. My new job is
keeping me pretty busy and on the road/air alot of the time and when
I'm not there I'm playig with the kids and soaking up all the time
I've missed with my wonderful family.

Ps: sorry for any misspelled words, that's what I get for updating
quickly from the iPhone!


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