Ana's words

Ana had her 15 month pediatric appointment on Friday. The nurse asked 10 million questions and one of them was "how many words does she say?" I counted them up quickly in my head and said 10-12. She looked at me a little funny. I thought OMG she's not saying enough so while waiting on the doctor I counted them all out and came up with 12.

The doctor came in and asked about 5 million questions and asked the same question again. I said, "I sat here while we've been waiting and come up with 12 words." Again the doctor looked at me like I had 3 heads. I just stared back with a smile :) panicking in my head, OMG we've got to start reading more books and working with flash cards, OMG!!!!

The pediatrician then said, "12?" I started listing them out and actually came up with 14 the next time. Still panic, panic, panic!!!

The pediatrician then said, "wow by the time kids are 18 months, they should be saying 6 words." I just stared back again processing this. Then thought, OH, panic relieved!

So I thought I'd share some of ana's words with you.

Dada - of course was her 1st word, boo
Mama - not only for mama, but also milk or any drink
Ada - what she calls Aiden sometimes (which is also what Ashleigh called Aiden for a long time so I thought that was funny)
Bubba - what she calls Aiden most of the time
Wawa - dog (I don't really know why both of my children called dogs this, something to do with the way they sound I guess)
Awua - water (Spanish is agua)
Look - though it sounds like ook
Book - still ook
Sanda - Santa
Ba - ball or balloon
My - mine

Then after I got home she started saying other words. When she and Nana walk outside they have to go down 3 stairs and Nana always counts them. Nana says uno, Ana said dos, Nana says tres.

Even with all these words the word she says the most is "Ahhhhh" or "Ahh" she just grunts or yells if she doesn't like something or if she wants something. I usually say, "use your words" :) she just grunts back more!

It's so much fun to watch them learn new things.

She point at Santa the other day and said dada. I said no Santa. Ana - Dada, me- Sannn ta, Ana- daaaa da. Lol, she finally got it after a few tries. But she's just as stubborn as I am :)

Sarah Rosales
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