Ana's 18 month appointment

I feel like such a failure when it comes to blogging. There's just
not enough time in a day and I've already thought I need to figure out
how to only sleep 2 hours a night and still be chipper and nice
through the next day. Right now I may get most things done, but I can
guarantee that I'm the biggest "b" around when I'm not getting at
least 6 hrs of sleep.

Anyway, this isn't about me, it's about Ana's 18 month appointment!
Which was only almost 6 weeks ago, but I just came across the paper on
my desk, so I thought I would share.

Her measurements for her 18 month appointment were:

Wt - 27lbs 2oz - 90th percentile
Ht - 33in - 90th percentile
Head - 47.25 (probably cm, bc I doubt her head is bigger around than
she is tall, but the nurse didn't provide the units, big deal in
research, but I guess just assumed in pediatrics). 75th percentile.

So, overall, she's a tall girl!! Maybe she'll be as tall as her
godmother, she's 6'2", lol.

Since this visit.... That's a whole other story! I'll share that tomorrow :)


Tarvers said…
How did you have a tall girl and I have a short boy?? Haha. Austin was 25th percentile on height at 6 months. Surely that won't last :). We are going to be in Dallas in August. We are thinking of having a bday part for Austin. I will let you know when we plan it so hopefully we can see yall.

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