Potty Training Child #2

Tuesday evening I picked up Ana from her current school. They asked
what are plans for the fall semester were and I told them that we have
decided that Ana will be joining Aiden next fall. The only problem is
that she needs to be potty trained. I'm a bit nervous, mainly because
Aiden was not interested at all, not even a little bit in potty
training until he was 3 1/2 years old. Ana's 2 1/2 and will be 20
days shy of 3 the day she starts school in the fall. But, girls are
easier, right?!?!

So, Tuesday evening Ana and I went and bought 3 packets (21 pair) of
big girl undies. We bought Minnie mouse, My Little Pony and Disney.
She was so excited to get home and show her Dada what she'd bought and
to put them in the washer so that she could wear them to school on
Wednesday. Wednesday morning we got up, got dressed (in our minnie
mouse undies and a dress) and headed to school. At school her
favorite teacher happened to be in the classroom and she lifted up her
dress to show her!! She was sooooo excited!

Wednesday evening I picked her up and she had only had 2 accidents.
That's fabulous for the 1st day! We had a little dance party and then
went home. At home we couldn't keep her clothes on. This is a
situation that we had before undies, so now it's just doubled in size.
She didn't want to use the restroom at home. We set a timer and
wouldn't ask her and try to take her every 30 minutes, but nope. We
had 3-4 accidents at home, which is still not bad at all. Our main
situation at home, because I really don't care if she runs around
naked at home, it doesn't bother me, but the situation at home is
mainly how stubborn this child is. She is sooooo stubborn and will
scream and yell and point and scream more just because you asked her
if she needs to go potty. I can't even imagine what we'll have on our
hands 5-7 years from now or when she's a teenager. I might need to
prepare a fund for a boarding school now.

So, we'll let you know how our adventures in potty training goes over
the next couple of weeks/months. Wish us luck!!


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