Mother's Day Weekend/ Reveal Party

This is an old update but nonetheless important:
This weekend was a very busy one.  Saturday we had a gender reveal party at the house!  I heard of the idea from one of the ladies at one of my sites and thought we had to, had to do it!! I went to the doctor's office on Thursday and we had a full sonogram.  They measured baby gummy from head to toe and every measurement in between.  Then, the tech wrote down what gender the baby was on a piece of paper and called the bakery where our friend Michelle had ordered the cake and told them.  The bakery then added food coloring the the inside of the cake (pink for girl, blue for boy).  I'm so glad I had the tech write it down too, because the bakery called Michelle and said they didn't get any news...So, I diligently scanned the paper and emailed it to the bakery (without looking at it, I PROMISE, it was hard not to, but I didn't) 

Saturday morning Michelle picked up the cake and brought it to our house.  There were lots of yummy snacks and finger foods (All my favorite things, which was amazing).  There were Jimmy John's sandwhiches, King Korn popcorn, chips and dips, fruits and veggies, really that's everything I love right now!!  And of course cake, which I always love! Ana stuck her finger in the cake before the big reveal, but managed to not show off anything that I could see.  At 1:00pm we cut into the cake and it was BLUE!!  So, around October 5th we will have a baby boy named Abram Roberto Rosales.  No one really likes the name, but I hope he does someday, because I do. 

The party was truly a lot of fun. 


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