Crystal Beach

We've spent the last few days at Crystal Beach, near Galveston.  We've stayed at Ashton Manor (Ashton Manor on Facebook), which is an amazing house.  We came to work from the beach and hang out with some great friends.  Robert and I are truly blessed with telework jobs and we can work from anywhere.  Here are just a few pictures from our fun at the beach.

Ashton Manor

Aiden is becoming one with the ocean.

Abram's first beach trip!

Abram thought the sand was yummy.

Really yummy.  It almost looks like a beard on his face instead of sand.

Ana and Dada built a sand castle
Best of all, we were witness to another chapter in our friends' lives.  We can't wait for the next chapter of their story!


Dr. Applepants said…
It was a great trip, so glad we could share it with the Rosales family. A special thanks to Robert for capturing such an important moment in our lives.

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