The loss of a friend

Diego has been gone for over 4 months now and it still effects us daily.  Mainly at bedtime.  He slept with Ana every night (I don't know how she slept trough his snoring, but she did). Now, we have 2 dogs.  You would think that one could sleep with Aiden and the other with Ana. We've tried this and it just doesn't work.  Lola is truly my dog and the anxiety of having to spend more than 30 seconds with a kid makes her crazy.  She'll stay in the room if we shut the door, but I know the whole time she's freaking out.  So, we have Romo.  We now have a schedule: Aiden was born in an even year and Ana in an odd year, so Ana gets him on odd days and Aiden on even days. 

Seems like a great conclusion to our problem.  Well, tonight isn't Ana's night, she started crying, got out of her bed and pouted outside of her room.  She quietly went back to her bed and then said, "I have no one."  Break my freaking heart kid.  Ugh!!!  I wish it was easier.  Maybe, I should let her sleep with his ashes.  Nah, that's too morbid; I knew I should have gotten him stuffed.  I can only imagine how that would effect her.  She'll be in counseling, because her mom had her sleep with a dead dog.  Hummmm.

Hopefully, it will get better over time.


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