Allergy testing

We had Aiden allergy tested last week.  He's allergic to most trees, grasses, and weeds.  He's also allergic to horses and cats.  So, to treat allergies there are a couple of options. 1. Avoidance - I think we might be able to avoid cats at our house, since we have none (well, except for the neighborhood cat the kids sometimes pet).  For the most part we could avoid horses, but horses are fun, so that's no good.  Weeds, grasses, and trees - well, I guess we can put him in a recycled air bubble so that he doesn't get any pollen from those things.  Sounds great!  2. Medications - he's been on singular and nasonex for a while but they aren't great and he'll have to be on them forever.  In the spring and fall (when there is more pollen) his allergies aren't controlled as well by his meds.  3. Immunotherapy. I think we're going this route (after we have a few more questions answered). When I was a kid (wink wink) I had allergy shots and they worked wonders. In fact, after Aiden's pregnancy I rarely have had to take allergy meds (maybe I gave all my allergies to him, hummm).  

Anyway, I wanted to share a few pictures of the fun allergy testing day.  Aiden was miserable because he wanted so badly to scratch.  Poor guy.

We'll keep you updated on what we decide and how it's going!


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