Ana swimming

Last year Ana had a little incident in a pool.  Surrounded by about 10 adults she slipped under the water and Robert and I were right inside the house an watched it happen.  Robert opened the door, ran to the pool and plucked her up out of the water.  So, since then, she's been a little scared of the water and honestly, I don't blame her.  Now, we've been to Galveston, Destin and many pools this summer and she usually stays in the kiddie pool or on the steps.  

Last week we started swim lessons!!  She already has so much more confidence! She still timid in the pool, but much much more confident, in a week!  Crazy!  I'm sure that over the next several weeks she will get better and better.  Just in time for no more swimming, but next year we'll start lessons earlier. 


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