What a weekend

Can we get a start over?  Surely, it's not Sunday night already.  We had such a busy weekend that it seemed like a work day.

Friday night we had dinner with the Johnsons.  Aiden misses his buddy Reid, so they had a great time together and Ana loves being the little sister to both of the boys.

Saturday, Ana, Abram and I took daddy and Zac to the airport.  It's Zac's big birthday and they went on a trip.  Then, Ana went to Gran's house for a fun afternoon and Abram and mommy painted the playroom.  It was blue and now it's beige like the rest of the house.  Saturday afternoon Aiden, Abram and mommy went to Sheesa and Applepant's (Lisa and Jeff's) engagement party.  Then we had an evening of bowling.

Sunday, we painted some more and then waited for sister to get home and went to the pool.

Tonight, I sit here looking at photos for Ana's star of the week poster, wondering like always, how is she already 4.  Looking back at her cute little pictures and seeing the sweet little girl she's turned in to.  Then, Abram is almost 1.  It's crazy!

Anyway, back to making star of the week posters and writing about Curious George's weekend with Aiden.  No more time for blogging :)


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