A grip that will last me a lifetime...

As we grew our family I wanted to have sit down dinners with the hope that they would start a ritual and become a place for us to have community in our busy day.  We've done really well to instill that in our family thus far and have made changes to accommodate the ages of the children.  It began as just a meal with accompanying moments: spaghetti thrown around on the floor, walls, body (All), bowls on heads (Aiden/Abram) and baby chatter.  Now, in addition to those things mentioned, we also ask each other to say something about our day. This has really caught on and the kids usually start the topic of conversation.  All in all, this small goal but significant milestone in my family's daily life has made one of my dreams come true.  However, NOTHING and I mean NOTHING could have prepared me for what unfolded yesterday.  

Now I failed to mention that we pray before we eat.  We grab everyone's hand and I reach out and attempt to grab Abram's hand. I say attempt because sometimes he is already well into his food.  Well on this occasion, I simply reached out and gestured to grab Abram's hand since he had started eating I began to pray.  A few words into the prayer, I felt his little hand grab on to mine!  I took a small pause to realize what had just happened and I finished my prayer.  As I started to eat my dinner I felt this sense of accomplishment yet pride because my little guy wanted to be included, and share in communion.  For him it was probably a small thing but he didnt fuss, or try to let go he simply held on until I finished.  For me it was validation that we are begin to instill values in our children that are sticking :).

I love this moment and hope to remember it for many, many years to come.  If ever I am asked why I love to be a parent; this small gesture sums up so much of why I love being a father.  I may not have had a earthly man who I got to call Dad on a regular basis but my kids are showing me the heavenly father that I have always had.  I will always be grateful for this moment. -Cheers, Robert.


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