Aiden and Rose

Well, we seem to have a young love connection... Rose is at our house probably every other weekend. She and Aiden were in the same class together in preschool up to a couple of weeks ago and then they'd see each other at church on Sunday. So they were together 6 out of 7 days a week. Now that Rose is in a different class they have seemed to grab on to one another more on Sundays.

This Sunday before Sunday school and after Sunday school was asking if he could go sit with Rosie, I finally gave in. They disappeared together to the fellowship hall to eat cupcakes. When church was over an I went to find them I was told that Rosie would be coming to our house today by Aiden. I then said, "um well Rosie is actually going home today so that she can help decorate the house for Christmas." I was then told by Rose, "no I'm not going home, I'm going to Aiden's house." So I just walked away.

Then Rose's daddy came up to me and said that Rose said she's going to Aiden Zalas's house because she LOVES him and wants to give him kisses.

I eventually made my way back to the fellowship hall to gather Aiden and they were walking around hand in hand and not taking no for an answer.

Rosie's mom then said that Aiden could go to their house for a couple of hours and we asked the couple if that would be ok and they agreed.

Then, we went to go get Aiden's car seat. They followed me (still hand in hand) and while I was getting the seat I saw Aiden pick a flower for Rose and hand it to her. I teared up. They are too cute together.

Aiden Zalas and Rosie Rose - future trouble makers :). I think we'll someday be looking for them and we'll just have to search for one and we'll find the other one. Too cute!

Sarah Rosales
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