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We took the Camp Rosales stuff back
to storage about a month ago and I found some of my old dolls. Ana loves carrying around baby dolls so I brought them home to her.

Monday night when I got home from work I heard that Ana had given her baby doll a bath. Oh how fun, I thought... Nana looked at me funny and then said in the toilet. So, my doll that was probably at least 50 yrs old took a bath in the toilet. Then Nana tried to grab it from her and Ana wouldn't let go of it and had to have a towel to dry off her baby. Pretty cute!

On Sunday we asked Aiden to
Get dressed for church. He went in his room put on running pants and the biggest t-shirt he had and came back out. I didn't really like what he was wearing but since he had dressed himself I wasn't going to have him change. Well, during church I take him to the bathroom and he pulls down his pants and he has no undies on... 1st off he already doesn't sleep in undies (just pjs with no undies). So we had a discussion about the fact that it's ok not to wear undies but if there's any place we should wear undies it's to church.

This week Aiden is off school for Thanksgiving and Robert and I are still working, so Aiden has been spending time with various family members during the day. Monday he stayed with Sharon and Emillio - no problems, just 2 crazy boys running around the house. Yesterday he stayed at Picho's house (tio Javier's house with his three older kids). Around 9:30 I got a call from tio Javier saying, "Sarah, did you know your son's not wearing any underwear?". The message really made my day. I really as a parent don't know whether to have a conversation about how we need to wear underwear or just let him do what he wants... Any thoughts?

Sarah Rosales
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