The difference between boys an girls

Here is today's difference between boys and girls according to the Rosales household.

I arrive at the kid's school to pick them up and Ana has had a great day! Aiden has not had the best day, but also not the worst day. He was able to keep his hands to himself (this is the usual problem he gets in trouble for at school.) However, he talked about his Wiener all day. Mommy was not a happy camper. First of all, when did it change to wiener? He's called it a peenie, now over the weekend it's a wiener? He was around a lot of different people this weekend, so I'm not sure where that came from. We had a long discussion about appropriate discussion in school vs in the bathroom. I even said, "you only talk about your peenie to daddy, doctors and mommy.". Really I don't want to hear about his wiener, but I would hate for him to have a problem and think, Hum... I can only talk to daddy and the doctor about this.

On the other hand, Ana on the other hand spent the whole day talking about Kikos. Kikos is Spanish slang for kiss, but that's the word that Ana uses for COOKIES!! (she takes after her momma!). Aiden went to VBS tonight and Ana and I went to the mall. We pulled into the parking lot and she screamed KIKOS!!! While we walked though the mall, Kikos, Kikos, Kikos... We get to the cookie store and KIKOS!!! As she walks around the mall, with her cookie in hand, Kikos, Kikos! She hands me her Kiko and then walks behind saying Kiko about every other step. Then, I would say Kiko and she would repeat it. It was a fun game.

So, according to the Rosales family the difference between boys and girls, at least for today, is cookies vs wieners.

Sarah Rosales
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Randy B said…
Does it really matter what he calls it? it is probably confusung him weener, peenie. he is a young boy. it didn't matter what your brother called his. jn never once imbarassed us. its what he does with it in the future is the problem that will haunt you!

Love you, Dad

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