Pre K

Aiden started Pre K last week. He's been in Pre K the last 2 years and had some wonderful teachers. We were really sad to leave our old school, but the drive was killing us.

He had meet the teacher night the Thursday before school started and met his teachers Mrs. Bain and Mrs. Martin. Monday morning daddy, Ana and I walked him into school. He put up his book bag and stood with his friends to say the Pledge of Allegiance. He waves us goodbye and acted like he'd been there all year.

That afternoon I picked him up and asked if he liked this school better than his summer daycare and he said he loved it! Woo Hoo!!

Saturday, he's eating his breakfast and asks me if he can be picked up before aftercare and I said it's not a school day and we had a meltdown on our hands. Crying, crying, crying... Why can't I go to school?!?!?! I guess that's a good thing! I explained that I'm so happy that he likes school but his teachers need a break!!

Here's his 1st day of Pre K school picture!


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