Fire safety

I let the kids pick out one book each and I read to them before bedtime. Tonight they chose "Transformers: meet the decepticons" and "Clifford the fire dog". After reading Clifford there is an extra page that goes over fire safety. Here's how our conversation went (Ana just stared at Aiden and I while we rambled on)

Me: What do we do if our clothes catch fire?

MM: STOP, DROP & ROLL, like this.
(He then jumps out of bed and goes through the motions and dies at the end, tongue out and all. Ana continues to stare. I then get him back in bed wondering why I chose to discuss this at bed-time when obviously it is an active discussion.)

Me: ok, good job, surely with all your speed in stopping and dropping and rolling you would get the fire out and there would not be a need to play dead.

MM: like this (proceeds to shake and play dead again) (to which I'm thinking where does he get this stuff)

Me: ok, ok, now if there was a fire in the house how could we get out?

MM: I would grab my toys and my Romo and then my sister and my Nana and I would do this. (proceeds to jump out of bed, run around in circles, stop, drop, roll)

Me: hum, I think we missed the question, let's ask a different way... (big eyes and big sigh)

I'm glad your teachers have taught you stop, drop and roll and you have obviously practiced that A LOT! So, we won't practice that anymore tonight.

Now, if there was a fire where would we go to get out?

MM: tells me how he would grab Romo and his toys and...

Me: Ok, ok, #1 we don't grab toys. If Romo is near by I'm fine with you saying come on Romo, but how would you get out of the house? Through the front door, back door, garage door? Do you understand that we have 3 doors to get out of?

MM: no toys?!?!

Me: we can always buy more toys, it's us that we need to save from fire.

MM: we can get more TOYS!!!

Me: I've completely lost you...

Ok, what's another way we could get out of the house?

MM: blank stare (I'm guessing he's thinking about the 10,000 toys he'd buy)

Me: through the window?

MM: oh yah!!!

Me: but we don't need to be climbing out the windows any other time.

Clifford says we should never play with matches or the stove either.

MM: what are matches?

Me: we'll just skip over that question and not give you any new ideas.

Where should we go after we get out of the house?

MM: Della's house, so we can play with her bike and toys!!

Me: ok, I guess I made some sort of progress tonight we'll just stop there. (big smile, big kisses)

I need to put up the videos I made of prayer time after this discussion. It was about 15 mintues of rambling about fire, toys, daddy, the dogs, his birthday. Just craziness!!

Love to all!!

Sarah Rosales
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