Sickly Aiden

Eventually, I will write about our horror of last Thursday, September
15th with Ana and the events that followed but honestly I'm still
processing most of it.

Monday, Aiden woke up, ate oatmeal, and got dressed, just like every
other school day. Robert and I took Aiden to school, listing off all
the good things he should do today and the greatest he should have.
Then, we took Ana to the doctor for her follow up. Got back to the
house just in time to get another call, "this is LCCS, we have Aiden
in the office and he's complaining that his stomach hurts." To which I
though oh poor baby, he probably wishes he would have gotten a 10th of
the attention his sister has had in the past 4 days. But then the
nurse said, "and he has a 100.4 degree temperature." Oh! No faking
going on, now I feel really bad :)

I then called the doctor again, who promptly asked me if Ana was ok.
I said "she's bouncing around the house, but Aiden has a fever, his
stomach hurts and he says his throat hurts. So, I'm kinda worried
about strep since it's been bouncing around school and he gets it if
the wind blows south." The doctor's office already thinks I'm a
nutcase so I'm sure my long explanations for everything just provide
more evidence to their case.

At the doctor's office he sat in my lap and slept. So sweet. The
doctor did a strep test, which was positive. Prescribed antibiotics
and we were off to the pharmacy. I kept asking him, "Do you want ice
cream?" "No", "Do you want a root beer float?" "No", "Are you hungry?"

Once we were home he slept for 6 hours during the day in his room.
I've never seen him so sickly. Usually you can't even tell he's sick,
he's still bouncing around the house like a monkey on crack. At one
point Ana walked in the room with me and he turned over and said in a
little voice "I just want to be left alone" but he was feeling better
when I left. He wouldn't take his advil. So I had to drag Daddy in
because he hadn't had any in 8 hrs and his fever was 103.2, we had to
hold him down and then when he finally took it he said, "oh, that's
yummy" crazy!

Hopefully, our household will be back to normal soon, well, as normal
as possible. It's always pretty crazy at our house!!

Blessings to all!

Sarah Rosales
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