Busy Week

I visited my team in Chicago this week and had a very busy week.  Very little excitement happened on the work front.  On the home front last week, it was pretty much the same.  I was definitely ready to come home.  It's nice to travel but I enjoy being at home.  Unfortunately, my travel is not finished for the month of January I have two more trips.

I believe we got Ana the ok to enroll in LCCS next fall, which is exciting!  Aiden has really done well at LCCS and I can't wait to see how Ana does.  Plus that means I can drop off and pick up at one location rather than 2.  They are letting her in but will have to keep her back either in 3 yr old or 4 yr old class for one extra year, and we are fine with that.

The house still hasnt sold nor has been seen by everyone.  I know we just have to be patient and our new house is out there but it is frustrating when you want to move.  Meanwhile, Sarah is doing an outstanding job cleaning and "slimming" our house so we have little to move and little clutter.  I think mom is just as excited, although she is a little more serene about it.  Truth be told, I am definitely pumped to have a bigger house and make my wifey happy.

My job is going well right now...I am working with a new director who is finding his groove and he is actually using my knowledge and allowing me to help him while he transition into this new role.  Sarah's job is going well, she has some trips planned in Feb so she'll be gone for a bit.

All is well in the Rosales household for now...stay tuned.

Later blog buddies, Robert


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