My Little Man

First of all let me say, Aiden amazes me every day with his energy, personality, ability to make me smile, and his brilliance.  There are a few times over the past few weeks, maybe even months that I have realized my little boy is growing really, really fast.  He is beginning to really comprehend and understand his world and that to me is AWESOME.  I am amazed that he is mimicking our mannerisms and even key phrases we say.  For Instance, when he is explaining something, he uses his right hand and gestures a chopping motion, similar to when Sarah or I.  He also has begun to say "actually, dada...".  Although it may not seem like intelligence this next one is funny...Sarah and I have both heard him get upset at the seat belt or his hoodie when they dont cooperate with him.  He will actually get upset and say, come on seat belt or get frustrated with his  its probably not nice to laugh but we do it in secret where he cant see us!

Love this little man and can't wait to see what more antics he comes up with.  He is my light and I love him more that I can ever express.


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