Aiden 1st lock-in

Our school had a lock-in for boys Friday night. Aiden heard about it and wanted to go so badly. I told him I'd ask the other moms to see if any of his friends were going. It turned out that at least 2 friends were going! Yay!! He's been great at school this week, because if he wasn't he wasn't going to get to go to the lock-in. (I wonder what I can use next week)

They are playing different sports all night. There are boys from kindergarten to high school. They're going to mix them up on teams and have the older kids teach the younger kids all the fun rules of sports. They'll have video games, pizza, hot dogs,
snacks, breakfast, and everything boys want! Sounds like a ton of fun!

Ana and I took him to the lock-in. We all walked in, he put his stuff on the bleachers and ran off to play. No bye, no love ya, nothing. He said he had a great time! He was exhausted for basketball on Saturday, but still scored a basket.


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