Ana's 3 year appointment

Ana ha her 3 year appointment today. Yah, she's almost 3 & 1/2, but we were a little busy in September. She weighs 40lbs (94%) 40 inches (89%). No shots today! Yay!

She asks us to repeat things many times and I didn't know if that was just her age or if she couldn't hear. Well, she has puss and fluid behind her ear drums. It seems that every time she has been to the doctor for wellness or sick visits she's had fluid in her ears. So this time, she's going on antibiotics and we're rechecking in 3 weeks. If there is still fluid she gets to see the ENT.

So, she may be going down the same path as Aiden. He had tubes put in his ears, tonsils out and adenoids out a couple of years ago. We'll see how it goes.


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