Good Evening

Ok, Let's see if I can do this. Robert is trying to help me get into the 2000's. I don't have a Myspace or facebook, nor have I ever "blogged". So here we go!!

Well, Robert is out of town tonight and of course I can't sleep!! Aiden has two teeth that are coming in and he has been very fussy all night. He hates Oragel, it makes him worse, but Tylenol seems to help.

I pulled out all of Aiden's 6-9 month clothes to get them ready for him, but they still seem too big. He doesn't have any sleepers for 6-9 months, but with the Texas heat he probably won't be wearing much!!!

I hope to get Aiden's Easter pictures out soon, maybe before his 4th of July pictures!! I sometimes feel like I don't get enough done, but Aiden is taken care of so I guess that is all that matters.

Camp Rosales is coming up and we are really getting excited!! It will be Aiden's first Camp Rosales. Usually, we don't allow campers in until they are in 2nd grade, but he is the exception. Maybe next year he will spend the weekend with someone else. However, this year he can't get too far from mom for too long.

Well, I hope I have done this right!! Love to all, Sarah


Sarah Rosales said…
Well I guess it worked!! SBR
Patty said…
Great job Sarah!
staycerbrown said…
I am calling dibs right now - I get Aiden next year while you guys are gone for Camp Rosales.... !
GiGi(Dana) said…
You've probably already washed the new clothes but if you haven't, they WILL shrink. Love you all!

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