My New Job

Today I started my new Job for GSA PBS Business Divison as an IT specalists. So far, its great, no responsibilities, no work, no one bothering me :-) I'm awaiting my access rights to my computer and a brief meeting with my new manager so that I can get my work assignments. I'm pretty excited about the opportunity to do something new and to actually be excited about work again.

I've been with this agency for 5 years now and am just going to keep on truckin' until I get where I want to be, for right now, that is management. I also know that I need to learn a great deal before that can actually happen but a goal is always nice to have :-).


Unknown said…
So, are you going to actually update this thing or what?
NJ Grandma said…
cute as a button - are we going to see more pictures?

Love you, NJ Grandma

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