Spring Cleaning

Well, I'm definitely not a big fan of spring cleaning, or really cleaning for that matter. I do like having a clean house though, so I have to let go of those feelings and get stuff done. I began on Friday by ripping out the carpet in the guest room. Why, might you ask, we'll we plan on laying down laminate in all of the house, but we are starting room-by-room. Since the dogs have occupied the guest room they have made some changes of their own in the room, mainly pertaining to the carpet! So I decided to take out the carpet and paint the concrete! It turned out great.

Then, I moved into the garage. I didn't realize how much stuff we have on those shelves that I was just able to toss. I figured if stuff was there since the last time I cleaned the garage we didn't need and/or used it, so it went to the trash.

Finally, I sprayed the lawn for crab grass and clipped some of our hibiscus plants and placed them outside.

It was a very productive weekend!


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