I believe.....

Aiden had a fever of 102.3 on Friday afternoon. We started the Tylenol regimen every 4 hours and then Mortrin over night (because it lasts longer). Saturday morning we woke up and his temperature was 103.2, we continued the Tylenol. Sunday it was still between 100.5 and 102.3. Our Pediatrician's office has a 24 hour nurse that you can call and consult with. They didn't ever seemed too concerned. Mainly because he wasn't showing any other symptoms. He was a little more cranky and sleeping more, but not much else. He has a top tooth coming and the nurse just kept saying that the tooth shouldn't cause that high of a temperature and if it continued for more then 72 hours to take him to the doctor.

Last night we had Robert's mom come over. She performed the Ojo Blessing on Aiden. The story behind it is that someone looked at Aiden and thought he was a beautiful baby (which how could anyone not think that :) ) and in the Hispanic culture if you think that about a child, you are supposed to touch them on the head. Otherwise, you may cause them to have Ojo.

So Mom took a raw egg and sat Aiden in her lap and made Cross motions on his body. She would say, "For the father, for the son, for the holy ghost, and for Santa Maria". She made cross motions all over his body for about 10 minutes and then handed Aiden to me. Then she said a little blessing and broke the egg in a cup of water. The egg made a little peak in the middle, which shows that it worked.

I know what you are thinking and trust me I was thinking the same thing. But, this morning we woke up at 5:00am and Aiden's temperature was 98.3. So you tell me, did it just run it's time, was it the Ojo, was it the Tylenol or was it a little bit of it all.

Just pretty interesting if you ask me!!

Love you all
Here is what wikipedia says on the Ojo or "Evil Eye"..



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