Moving and Grooving

Aiden has decided that the sedentary life is no longer for him. He wants to be moving around and getting up and into everything he can get his hands on. He is pulling up on anything that is about his height, this includes the coffee table, TV, Couch, Chairs and the bedroom VCR. (He loves sticking his hand in there, good thing we don't use it) He gets very upset if you try to keep him in one spot, such as the exersaucer or highchair. It is already sometimes hard to keep up with him and he isn't even walking yet. He loves to stand in his crib and throw things out, that is his new favorite game.

He loves his new playroom, but what he loves the most is chewing on the corners of the foam flooring. He pulls it up and puts it in his mouth. I can't imagine that it tastes good, but I think it feels good on his teeth.

By the way, we have our top 2 teeth coming in. They have broken through!!

Aiden loves feeding himself. It is quite messy, but he has a lot of fun doing it. If you feed him baby food while you are eating he looks at you like you are crazy. He wants some of what you have, too. We try to distract him with crackers or finger foods, but it doesn't always work.

We had our first fit on Sunday. As I was changing his diaper he tried to turn over and get away. I turned him back over and he arched his back, screamed, scratched my arm, tried to bite my hand and then tried to pull my hair. It was quite comical. I can't imagine where he gets his stubbornness from. I just told him "I don't think so" and held him down until he behaved.

Well, not much else going on in our lives currently. We hope all is well with you.



NJ Grandma said…
And you thought getting up in the middle of the night for a feeding was tough - hang on to your hats - the bumpy ride has just begun :)

Give my little man a big hug and kiss for me - we miss you and love you,

NJ Grandma said…
Me again - glad to hear those two top teeth finally came out - they were trying while he was visiting us. We thought he hurt when he would bite with just the bottom two now he can REALLY grab onto what his mouth hits!!! Still love him. Have a great weekend.
We love you, Gail

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