New Playroom

When we got home from our trip to NJ, Sarah had a little surprise for Aiden and I. We had talked about having a playroom for Aiden, we had a spot picked out in the house, which was the dinner room and we just need some time to get it accomplished. Well my wife decides to enlist some of our friends and make this happen. As you can see by the photo it turned out awesome, we need to do some work on the walls, we are planning to have an artist paint a mural for us. So far he has gotten a lot of use out of the foam puzzle floor, that seems to be the only thing he really likes about the room. Oh well, its a place for him!



NJ Grandma said…
Awesome room Sarah - I am sure Aidan will get to love it once he realizes the space he has. I miss that little man. He was so much fun to have around and again thanks for sharing your boys. I hope they had as good a time as we did. Hugs and kisses to every one. All my love, Gail

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