9 month wellness visit

I know that Aiden is now 10 & 1/2 months old, but he went for his official 9 month well visit with Dr. Phillip. On his 9 month visit he was diagnosed with Eczema, which is clearing up very well.

At his wellness visit today he weighed 18 lbs, which is down from his 9 month visit. Dr. Phillip says that he is in the 10th percentile and is slim because he is getting around so well. He has very waxy ears like his mom, but she said that they looked good, too. No concerns, healthy growing boy.

Oh, here is what Aiden would look like if he was a Simpson. Isn't he cute.

And here is what Robert would look like as a Simpson.

Here is Robert as an M&M, which I think is pretty good.

Maybe they look a little different, but I tried. We look better as Wii characters.

Have a great day.



NJ Grandma said…
I am sorry but my little boy DOES NOT look like that Simpson baby. He is so so so cuter than that! Can you believe he is going to be one soon. Hugs and kisses to every one. Miss you and love you.

Gail and Bob

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