PANKUS Meeting

Aiden went to his first PANKUS meeting last night. PANKUS is a group that Robert, I and 15 others founded at Tarleton in 2001. PANKUS stands for "People against not knowing university spirit." It is a spirit organization like no other on campus. It provides spirit to the Tarleton campus without having to be a cheerleader, Plowboy (white cowboy guys)or a Purple Poo (secret organization on Tarleton campus). We are sure that Aiden will be a legacy some day!! He even spoke up a couple of times to let everyone know what he thought. He will be going to his first Homecoming game on October 27th and I will be sure to have pictures.

This is Aiden in his first PANKUS T-Shirt about 9 months ago, he has grown sooooo much.


NJ Grandma said…
Hi Ya'll - I would say he has grown quite a bit since his first PANKUS shirt debut! I miss the sweet boy - and hope you both have safe trips and return home safely to your little man. Talk to you soon.
Love you, Gail

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