And they're off....

Last Friday Aiden started crawling on his knees. He has been commando crawling for a couple of months now, but he is actually on his knees now.

Last night Aiden and I went to Patti and Leigh's house of family dinner night. Aiden and Ashleigh sat and played in the floor with each other. Then Ashleigh decided that she needed a change in scenery. She started crawling across the room. Aiden seeing her moving followed shortly after she did. Then I guess she was moving too fast for him, because he grabbed on to the bottom of her onesie and wouldn't let her move. Ashleigh got a little upset, but I think they worked it out!!

We ran out of video tape, so I went to buy more last night. Video of the crawling babies will be up soon!!

Have a great week.



NJ Grandma said…
He is off and running - watch Rosales household :):)

Love you, Gail
Anonymous said…
Knowing the size of both those children, Aiden is a very stong boy. It is always great to red about Aiden as I miss seeing you all at church.

Blessings - Deb B.
NJ Grandma said…
Aidan - tell Dad to post some new up-to-date pictures.

Miss you and hope we can see you again soon.

Hugs and kisses,
Your Grandma in New Jersey

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