Little update

With my new job it has been hard to keep the blog updated. It's pretty crazy around the house with 2 kids, 3 four legged kids, Nana, Robert and I.

Currently, Robert and I are traded off travel schedules, so one of us is almost always gone. This week and next week have been nice/ will be nice because we are both in town.

Ana: she's almost ready to walk. She should be walking any day now. She has been pulling up on everything for the past 2 or 3 weeks. She also bear crawls (on her hands and feet with butt
In the air). Shes crawling faster then I can walk, :). I keep telling Nana that if she starts walking she just needs to push her down until I get home.

The one thing I love the most about her right now is that she always has a smile on her face. She's such a happy baby!

I can see a lot of my personality in her. If you tell her no she almost always gives you a look and grunts at you. I don't take no well either :)

Aiden: he's still crazy!

He was in his godmother's wedding recently. He was the ring barer, so he wore a little tux with a tie, a little vest and he was so adorable! He was supposed to wall down the aisle after me and before Dianne, but instead we walked down the aisle together. I almost cried, he was so adorable! Then, he stood with me for about 2 minutes and then said, "I want my daddy", to which I said ok, "daddy's back there" and pointed to the back of the church. He then ran up to Bret (the groom) and handed him the ring pillow and ran up the aisle to daddy.

He's talking up a storm. He comes home with new phrases all the time. "dada, let's rock and roll" - when he's ready to get in the car to go somewhere. It's really just so amazing to watch him grow and learn. Last night he told me to be careful because whatever I was doing was dangerous. He is definitely a copy cat and will sit at the computer and "work" or be talking on his little Cars toy cell phone and say,"hold on mommy, I'm on the phone" and even hold his little finger up at you.

He's also almost completely potty trained. (knock on wood). He'd been pretty much potty trained at school, but would come home and refuse to go in the toilet at home. Be it that maybe it's the small kid sized toilets at school or it's just easier for mom and dad to clean him up, whichever, he just wouldn't do it at home. No matter what incentive or brides we'd give him or how many times we'd ask him if he need to go or take him to the bathroom. Finally one day it was like a switch went off. His teacher said don't give him any more pull-ups, just underwear (which are so cute in his little size). And he hasn't been in pull-ups now for 3 weeks!!

Now it's been a little crazy 3 weeks and there is a lot of running to the bathroom and a few accidents, but he's getting it! And I thought he'd be walking across the graduation stage with pull-ups still on :). It's really so funny that we can be so proud about things like poop in the potty! We have a little party and dance every time!

Other than that, it's just the normal craziness here at the Rosales house. We are getting ready for Camp Rosales I haven't helped Robert much this year so far but it's tine to step up :).

Nana's having some shoulder pain that's related to arthritis in her vertebrae, so the neurosurgeon wants to go in and rotter root the area that's pinching off the nerve to give her relief.

So really just the normal craziness in our house! Something's always going on and always changing! I'll try to keep this more updated. It seems like it's easier to update from my phone when I have time or am sitting in the airport waiting on a plane :)

Love to all,


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