Vacation Day 1

Well we have a great travel experience...We actually went to the airport 2 hrs early like they suggest and we ended up waiting the full two hours. :). I figured that we would be waiting some time in the security line but to our surprise there was no one in the line and we were able to take our time getting through the line.

Let's see it was two adults, one toddler, an infant, 6 carry-on bags, 1 pillow pet, and a stroller :). Oh and 2 laptops plus we had to remove shoes and belts. Overall it took us 10 minutes to accomplish getting all that through the security system :).

Then we had plenty of time so we rode the train (Aiden loved that) to the other terminal to the kids area. We also had to stop and get a huge lollipop for Aiden. Ana was enjoying her stroller ride the whole time. This was actually a good thing because we were attempting to keep them awake so they would both fall asleep on the plane.

This actually work to plan, with the exception that when we were just about to leave, they park us on the tarmac for 40 min with a weather delay! So our plans were somewhat foiled :/. Luckily we only sat there for about 40 minutes and the plane ride was actually pleasant (as pleasant as it could be with a toddler and an infant). We did have inflight entertainment thanks to Gran and Paw-Paw. Aiden enjoyed the DVD player.

When we arrived, Grandpa Bob was waiting for us and we got our luggage and proceeded to make the trip back home. Ana was a bit fussy but who could blame her after a 2 hour airport wait, 4 hour flight and 2 hour ride back to Grandpa and Grandma Auer's home.

All in all the first day was great and we arrived safe and sound.

We will take plenty of pics and i'll try to post every day of our vacation. Below are some pictures we took at the airport and of Ana sleeping :).

More to follow



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