Meeting Lindsay

Tonight after soccer practice we went over to Lindsay's house to meet her and thank her for being our informant for Romo.

We also met her dad, step-mom and her little brother (who Aiden loved to play with!)

We pulled up to her house and there was her, her dad, her brother and two other little boys.  I opened the door and the dad put his finger up to his mouth, like shhhhh.  I played it off and we talked like we have known each other for 30 years and Aiden and I went inside their house.  The dad shut the door and said that the other two boys that were there were the kids who took Romo.  And their dad wad in the driveway across the street too!  

So we talked about Romo and what a great dog he is.  They have 2 pugs so they knew what it's like to have great pets that have to be indoors and are well taken care of.  

The dad then told me how he'd been telling the kids and the father that they needed to call us about Romo.  Trying to convince him in different ways, like hey you could make some $ with the your kids really need 4 dogs....etc.  But he said the guy said he was going to call but never did.  He didn't want to cause problems with his neighbor who comes over to their house and their kids hang out together, so he was stuck in a moral conundrum.  

So, then he said that Lindsay decided they weren't going to call us because they started taking down our missing dog signs and took off his tags.  

I made her a little framed picture of a Boston Terrier that said You are Our Hero, Love, Romo and the Rosales Family!  

I let her know that she really did a brave thing and thanked her parents for raising a good kid.  

Aiden made a great friend with her little brother so we might just have to start going over to visit more often.  Maybe we've found new friends.

Romo is almost back to 100%.  He and Diego played Boston Wrestling Federation this evening and he wore out faster then normal, but he's probably just a little tired still.  Poor guy isn't made to be an outside dog in 100 degree heat.

It was a good end to a crazy 2 week saga and I'm am glad to say it's over!

Sarah Rosales
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NJ Grandma said…
A happy ending to a crazy story and a kind hearted little girl.

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