We announced yesterday that we're pregnant with Rosales #5. We're due October 5th!

I've talked to Aiden about the new baby and if he would like another sister or a little brother. His wish is a baby brother. Probably, because his sister beats up on him all the time and if there were 2 girls he probably wouldn't stand a chance.

This afternoon we discussed it again. He said, "yah, I want a baby brother. That way we can get a job at the video store and buy video games and play video games all the time." To which I said, "hummm, sounds like a fun job."

So far it feels like Ana's pregnancy, but we'll see how it goes. I've also had some spotting which is always scary. We saw Dr S (OBGYN) and he said the same thing that he said with Ana. 40% of pregnancies spot/bleed, 50% of those miscarriage. He said that it is a good sign that I feel pregnant. He said that the women that come in and don't feel pregnant are more likely to miscarriage. So, please say a prayer or two for baby #3 (gummy bear). It's very nerve wrecking but we believe that what is meant to happen will and it's out of our hands. Otherwise, I'd worry myself to death and that probably wouldn't help Gummy either.

We'll keep you updated on what's going on with our family as a whole and with Gummy!

Sarah Rosales
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