Last weekend Robert and I drove down to see Wicked in Austin with Mickey, Jeff and Jana. It was a much needed restful weekend. We didn't do much other than sleep, eat, watch Wicked, eat and sleep some more.

This was Robert's 3rd time to see it and my 4th time. Yes, I tried to keep it from him, but I did go see it without him once in San Francisco (with Mickey). I even almost got to see it in NYC, but there were only $400 tickets on the night I could see it and Robert also threatened me with divorce if I "cheated" on him again.

It was a wonderful presentation of our favorite musical & we really enjoyed it.

The kids stayed in Fort Worth with Tia Carmen, Tio Roger & DD. I don't even know that we told them what we were soon because I'm pretty sure Aiden hasn't seen The Wizard of Oz (it's a bit scary for a 5 yr old). So, that makes the below story even more funny.

I have always been able to related with Elphaba (the wicked witch of the west) because she tries so hard to be a good person and it bites her in the butt. This happens to me quite often as well. So, I just own it now and say, "no good deeds go unpunished."

This morning Aiden was pretending he had a magic wand. He turned Romo into a princess. Then, he turned his sister into a duck. As I passed through the room he said, "I turn mommy into a witch!" and giggled. I then ran across the room and jumped on the sofa and said, "but I'm already a witch and a bad witch at that." then tickled him. He giggled and then looked at me with big eyes. I could only imagine him thinking she probably is a witch. Which, makes me happy.

I hope you find a smile in your day!

Sarah Rosales
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