Bath-time with Aiden

Here is some incite on bath-time with Aiden...

He can barely wait for you to get water in the bath tub. Usually I sit him in my lap as the water warms up and then I fill his duckie with water and add a little soap. This evening he squirmed and screamed, because I wasn't moving fast enough.

Once he is in the bathtub, he splashes and plays with his water toys. He especially loves the Oscar Ps (ducks). His new favorite games include:

1.) Calling the dogs....
Shown here, this is a eeeeeeeee cry to the dogs and guess what, they come.....
2.) Throwing his toys out of the bath tub and then picking them back up.3.) Standing up and then splashing back down!!!! I couldn't really get a picture of the whole process, but this is a cute one of him standing up!!

Bath-time is a pretty fun time around here!!




NJ Grandma said…
Hi - Give that silly little bath boy a big hug and kiss for us. Talk to you soon.
Love you, Gail
Brandy said…
Hey guys what a handsome little boy. He has grown so much.

Brandy Joyner

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