Aiden has decided that we aren't feeding his siblings (Lola and Diego, the dogs) enough food. He likes to throw food down for them. He loves to watch them eat what he throws down. They now watch him like hawks and are constantly under his high-chair, waiting....for anything to drop. To say the least the dogs really enjoy having Aiden in the house.
This picture demonstrates the new method of eating, known as Shoveling!!

This evening as I was making dinner Aiden decided he was going to check out what was available in the fridge.

He has been pulling up on things for a little bit, but he now has started to stand on his own for brief moments. It is just days until he takes his first steps. World, here comes trouble...


NJ Grandma said…
Hi Guys - we love TROUBLE - especially when they are little packages of Aiden. Hugs and kisses to our little man.
Love Gail and Bob

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