The Culprit

Here is the culprit for those sleepless nights. Tonight we pre-planned and gave him baby Mortin before it was time to go to bed. The main culprit is his top upper further right incisor. We think his other incisor is coming in right after that one!

This is also the front of his new PANKUS T-shirt that his Dad and Uncle Jeremy made him this weekend for the football game. The back says "I know all about POO". This references to the Purple Poo or TTP/TTS at Tarleton State University. It is a secret spirit organization on campus.


From Tarleton website:


Formed when Tarleton was a junior college, the Ten Tarleton Peppers (TTP) and Ten Tarleton Sisters (TTS) are the two oldest organizations on campus. These spirit organizations for men and women were formed in 1921 and 1923 respectively.

New members of these secret organizations are selected by current members. When first organized the two groups met late at night and prepared signs for upcoming athletic events. The basic signs at this time were made of canvas and were stretched between trees on the campus. The clubs met in the attic of the old recreation hall which is now the Administration Annex.

The identities of the senior members were disclosed in group photos when the yearbooks were distributed. Senior members stood facing the camera while others faced away from the camera with various and sundry items placed over their heads. The groups are sponsored by faculty and staff members.

Purple Poo
The TTS and TTP were precursors of the modern Purple Poo. The still-secret organization makes Poo signs each Monday night, which appear on campus every Tuesday morning. The signs occasionally comment on campus political life and student life, but most promote school spirit. These signs are nailed to trees on campus. Members appear in public dressed in costumes and identity is closely guarded.


So, He knows all about the Poo, and if you read his blog on August 13th you will see that there are other meanings to the shirt as well!!!

Love to all, sweet dreams!



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