Our most kissable baby....

Well, Aiden didn't go on to the next round of the Kiss FM "Most Kissable Baby contest", but he is our most kissable baby. I think he is a lot cuter then some of the babies that went on to the next round and I am sure that all of you would agree, also!!

We are getting prepared for a busy week. Robert is in Chicago all week, he will be back Friday. The big birthday party is Saturday. (Hope you all can make it). We have a Birthday party to go to tonight, Halloween on Wednesday and then cleaning, picking up and getting ready for Saturday. Sometime in there we need to sleep, too!! But, as a great teacher once told me, "you can always sleep when you're dead!"

Anyways, We hope to have a very fun and exciting week. I hope your week is just as good.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses.

Robert, Sarah and Aiden


NJ Grandma said…
He is still our kissable baby no matter how old he gets! Wish him a Happy Happy Biorthday from us. Wish we could be there to celebrate but tell him we love him and hope to see him soon. Have a great weekend.
All our love, Gail and Bob

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