Christmas Time

It is too funny to watch Aiden around the Christmas decorations. Sometimes he just stands in front of the Christmas Tree and looks at all of the ornaments, lights and presents. Other times he pulls all of the ornaments off and sits on the presents. He has opened several of the presents under the tree. Some of them are the funny wrapped ones that are difficult to wrap. He sticks his fingers in them and punches holes in them.

He pulled all of the ornaments off of his Nana's (Robert's mom's tree). He pulled all of the ornaments off of Gran's (My mom's tree) and then started walking off with a strand of lights in his hand!!

Last night he was climbing on everything. He was sitting on all of the packages and climbing on the wrapping paper box. He now has 2 large bruises on his face. I can't even imagine where they come from, he is soooo adventurous that they could have come from one of a thousand places.

So, I am sorry if your package has holes, crushed items, or funny looking tissue paper, but we have a 13 month old who is impossible to keep away from the Christmas stuff.

He certainly was born with my pretty eyes, but he has his father's sense of humor and flightiness.

Mom took him to Jason's Deli on Wednesday. He was walking through the restaurant and walked right over to a lady at a table and started reaching for her food on her plate! Then he flirted with her!!

We have a couple of very busy days ahead of us. I am sure there will be lots of pictures taken. I will make sure that Robert shares them with everyone. He is off work next week, that's why I can say that!!

Love you, Merry Christmas!!


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