I just realized today that I have only had 2 entries this month and it is almost half way through.

Our little boy is a torando on 2 feet. Goodness, we follow him around the house and constantly pick up after him. The christmas tree is currently his favorite thing to destroy. He loves picking all the ornaments of the tree and throwing them down!! Good thing we put the non-breakables on the bottom. Every draw in the house that he can open has now been cleaned out and his things have been put in them. We still have to do our bedroom side tables, because he is constantly pulling stuff out of them. In the living room there is a side table that now has his computer (a calculator) and several of his toys. We were constantly having to pull fingernail clippers and such away from him, so we just moved it all. Last night I was cooking dinner and Robert was chasing him around the house.

Don't get me wrong I am in no way complaining. It is a lot of fun. He is a handful, but the best thing that could have ever happened to us! He is worth every sleepless night, every back ache, and every messy house you could ever have!!

Love to all,


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