So my marketing class is over and I get to take a month break. I made a 'B' in the class, I'm not real happy about it but at least the class is finished and I don't have to write another marketing paper for a bit. I have registered for 2 courses for next semester, which is going to be a load but I need to finish up. I have 12 hours under my belt now, so that is pretty encouraging.

We are part of the way completed with X-Mas. I really am looking forward to X-Mas this year and can't wait to see my monkey man tear into some of his presents. Sarah will hopefully like her presents. You know our 4 year anniversary is coming up and we have been together for 11 years on the 15th. Can you believe it, 11 years!

I am going to be traveling in Jan and Feb. I will be visiting Atlanta, DC, Colorado, New York, and Seattle. Then I will be done doing this project and I can move on to some other things. There is also a possibility of working full time at home, which I am really really really excited about it.

Okay I'm done for now.


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