Christmas with a Toddler!!

Here is a picture of our poor Christmas Tree.

It has definitely been abused this year! If you notice all of the ornaments are now out of Aiden's reach and our tree looks pretty funny!

We had a wonderful Christmas. It was about 70 degrees by the afternoon, I think we are going to have to go to New Jersey some year so that we can have a White Christmas. Usually we have white Valentine's Day down here!

We were overly blessed with gifts this year! Aiden got lots of clothes, books and toys. His favorites right now are the basketball goal, soccer ball and the little dog that rocks back and forth and barks Jingle Bells! But, recently he has been more interested in the plunger and toilet paper holder then anything else!

I am about to start taking down the Christmas ornaments so that they don't get completely destroyed by Tuesday, when everything else will come down.

We hope everyone had a magnificent Christmas and we hope that you are all very blessed in the new year!

Eat your black-eyed pea!



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