Conversations with Ana

Ana is definitely starting to speak her mind. We had a 10 minute conversation this morning and I'm afraid I agree to buy her a pony when she turns 5.

Our conversations have a lot of vowel sounds and a couple of "g" sounds in them.

Here's how part of our conversation went this morning:

Ana: Ahhhhgoo
Me: Aaaagoo
Ana: Aaaagoo *Kicks her legs and punches the air with her arms*
Me: Oh, you want to go for a run through the park today?
Ana: *Fussy* ooooooooo
Me: Oh ok, well, you don't have to, you can stay in all day and keep warm.
Ana: aaaaaaaagooooo
Me: Ok, whatever makes you happy.

We have these talks at night when I get home from work. Her Nina Sheesa was there for a conversation last night. Both of us couldn't stop laughing, because she just talks and talks. You talk back to her and sometimes she just keeps talking and other times she looks at you like your crazy or totally off subject of what she was talking about. For all we know she could be telling us how to solve global warming and world hunger.


NJ Grandma said…
Kandis said…
I love those conversations!! She is too cute.

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