Sugery Day

Aiden's surgery went very well. We were there at 7:00am and taken straight back to the triage room.

They explained and asked questions again. Changed him into a gown (he didn't want his pants off and wanted his socks and shoes to stay on too) Then we waited, waited, waited. Around 8:05 or so they took Aiden and I back to the induction room and they gave him the funny meds. It took a while for him to cool down, for a while he cried for daddy, but then the nurse started blowing bubbles and everything was ok in his world again. Then, after about 10 minutes they put him on a space ship bed (really just a little miniature stretcher), and he, his blanket and his monkey went into the surgery room. No crying, no screaming, just talking away with the nurse.

We waited in the waiting room for about 35 minutes and the doctor came into the waiting room and said everything went get great. His tonsils were inflamed. His adenoids were so large they were blocking 75 - 80% of his nasal passage. He had another ear infection and had thick fluid on his ears that they cleared out.

We had to wait another 30 minutes to see him and then we went back and got to help wake him up, feed him Popsicles, feed him jello and wake him up some more. He was such a champ! He was telling PawPaw to feed me the jello and trying to fall asleep while feeding himself jello.

We brought him home and he's been pretty good. He's supposed to eat only clear things today, but he's thrown several fits and gotten pretty much whatever he's wanted. He's had oatmeal, soggy cereal, jello, 10 Popsicles, apple juice and I'm sure several other things.

He's played Wii with daddy, read books with Nina, sat and watched movies with Sheesa, hung out with B and took a short nap with me. He's pretty funny on his pain meds. He'll fall asleep for a short periods of time and then pop up, like he forgot the stove was on or something, and jump out of his bed to go do something.

I've had to mix his pain meds in with drinks so that he'll take them, he doesn't like the taste I guess. Other then that he's doing pretty good (knock on wood).

Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers and love!


Kandis said…
What a little champ! Glad to read that the surgery went well and that he is doing good. I bet he is really enjoying all these popcicles!!

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