We drove to Brownwood on Sunday to take Romo back to his family. He was a very sweet dog and we will miss him around the house, but he was SOOOO happy to be back with his family.

We took some pictures of Aiden with Romo before we left, I'll have to post those tonight!

Romo is our college friend's puppy and they had to move to Brownwood on quick notice. They couldn't find a place that would let them have dogs or that was safe for dogs. So, we kept him for them while they found a safe place for Romo. (their rent house had lots of stickers in the grass and snakes)

About a month ago they found a house in Brownwood! So, Allyson and I have been talking back and forth about how to get Romo home. I thought the best way for Aiden to say bye was to take Romo to them, so that Aiden could see his house and his family!

So, Robert, Aiden, Ana, Jay, Merridith and I (Jay and Merridith spent the weekend with us!)trekked to Brownwood. We spent about 10 minutes dropping Romo off and everything went great!! Aiden met Sadie (Romo's sister) and Romo's mommy and daddy. Aiden walked around Romo's new house with Robert and then I said, "OK, give Romo a hug and tell him bye." He did that and then we got in the car. No crying, no sadness, just bye and see you soon! I told them we would be more then happy to watch him if they go out of town and have to drive through DFW to get to the airport.

Last night we got home from school/work and Aiden walked in the back door. He was met by Lola and Diego. He hugged them and kept walking with his arms open. Then, he looked up at me and said, "Where's Romo?" I looked at him and said, "Aiden...where's Romo?" He then proceeded to tell me where he was and he's with his family and ....... (Insert 5 minute decision here, I think he tells great stories just like his mommy!)

So, I think it went great!! Maybe, this will prepare him for foster kids later in life, well, later as in 1-3 years from now.


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